Blazing a trail to badminton glory

30 fiery badminton enthusiasts. 7 days of flicks, rallies, smashes and serves. 1 title for the Downtown Dubai Badminton Champ.

08 July 2018

Over 30 battle-hardened badminton challengers signed up to pitch their talents at the 2018 Downtown Dubai Badminton Tournament. The week-long tourney kicked off on 8 July and the competition continued to escalate with every passing day as the quest for the trophy intensified.

Following a searing battle, Pooja Ausola from The Residences I emerged victorious over Teresa Bonga from The Residences II to claim the women’s trophy. The men’s final saw Rabindra Dube edge past his South Ridge neighbour Sajith Mathew after a grueling game of flicks, rallies, smashes and top class serves.

Friends and family followed the action, roaring encouragement and giving the tournament a fiery atmosphere.